ReviCheck’s 2024 GIRI Membership

Discover how ReviCheck's 2024 GIRI membership is setting new benchmarks in construction accuracy and efficiency. Dive into our journey towards error-free projects.


Alex’s Daily Dilemma:

Join Alex in his journey from doubt to precision in 'Alex's Daily Dilemma' where a QR code transforms construction chaos into clarity.


Many construction disputes are avoidable

The culture of the industry needs to shift towards fostering collaboration instead of playing the blame game which inevitably results in disputes and friction.


Revit 2024 Falls Short as AEC Industry Demands Next-Generation Design Tools

The release of Revit 2024 has left many architects and engineers in the AEC industry disappointed with its lack of innovative features.

About us

Hero Profile with Mark Silcock

Find out more about ReviCheck's founder Mark Silcock through his hero profile.

Case Studies

Case Study – DCT

ReviCheck was implemented on a medium-sized education project where DCT was responsible for coordinating the mechanical and electrical services.