The world is striving to return to business as usual following the COVID-19 crisis. Construction industry disruptions caused by the pandemic ranged from shutdowns to significant project delays. Once again, the sector is facing further uncertainty as a result of challenging economic conditions. 

The blame game

When times are tough, companies find ways to ‘get the money in’ by filing disputes, claims, and adjudications. They are desperate to collect everything they are owed. RICS confirms that an increasing number of small to medium enterprises are using adjudication more than once, reflecting a highly litigious industry. Martin Burns from RICS explained that a recession causes adjudication numbers to peak, then drop significantly as the recession hits. These disputes and claims also result in legal fees rising and professional indemnity insurance premiums climbing sharply. 

Mark Silcock, Founder of ReviCheck says, “Construction is known for low margins. The culture of the industry needs to shift towards fostering collaboration instead of playing the blame game which inevitably results in disputes and friction.” 

Mistakes are preventable

Mark added that technology has the capacity to help reduce disputes. He created the app, ReviCheck, because over the years, he witnessed out-of-date paper copy drawings being used on site time and time again. This mistake was easily preventable. 

Alarmingly, data shows that 1 in 4 of scanned drawings used on-site have been the wrong revision. By using out-of-date drawings, this results in loss of time, money and not to mention, the ever-increasing cost of materials. We’re already mentioned that margins are very tight in the industry, so nobody wants to do something twice and get paid once for it. 

It only takes 6 seconds

Using the ReviCheck app will allow you to check whether you are using the latest drawing. It only takes 6 seconds to login to the app and check whether your drawing is up to date. Mark has compared the average time it takes to check a drawing in ReviCheck with other software available on the market. 

Since ReviCheck’s launch in 2021, Mark has seen a steady uptake from clients globally. The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Owen McSweeny, BIM Coordinator from the Designer Group sang its praises: “We’ve already found this software useful and feel it will add significant value to the project once it reaches site.” 

The construction industry is conversative and slow to adopt changes. The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the industry to adopt technology at a much quicker pace which can only be a positive. Many disputes in the industry are avoidable. Find out how the ReviCheck app can help you today. 

“Data shows that 1 in 4 scanned drawings used on-site have been the wrong revision.”