Creating Clarity in Construction.

ReviCheck’s simple one-step process ensures Contractors and Site Managers install using the latest information. Reducing wastage, project delays, and budget overspends due to incorrect drawings.

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Key Features

  • Quick, Clear, and easy to use
  • Clarify the drawing is current in a matter of seconds
  • Eliminate lost time due to avoidable reworks
  • Reduces administration overheads on-site
  • Integrates with Revit design software
  • No upfront costs
  • Low cost - only pay for what you need

Video Tutorial 101

In our latest tutorial, we teamed up with Balkan Architect, where he explains how the ReviCheck plugin works, step-by-step.

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Affordable & Simple Pricing

Pay once per project drawing.
1 credit = 1 drawing.

  • 50 credits £90.00
  • 100 credits £160.00
  • 250 credits £350.00
  • Need More? Contact for Price

All new accounts come with 10 free starter credits

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