Creating Clarity in Construction

ReviCheck’s simple one-step process means contractors and site managers work only with the latest project information. Sign up now and reduce wastage, project delays, and overspending due to incorrect drawings.

ReviCheck was developed by an innovative engineer with over 20 years’ direct experience working on construction projects. Its revolutionary design means you’ll never work with outdated information again.

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Eliminate lost time due to avoidable reworks

Quick, Clear, and easy to use

No upfront costs and pay-as-you-need pricing

Unlimited users and projects

Instantly verify the revision of drawings in seconds

Reduces administration overheads on-site

Seamless integration with Revit 2019 to 2024 design software

Free trial account with 10 credits on sign up

One-time fee per drawing for a lifetime of revisions and scans


Systems like Revit simplify information modelling. But 25% of scanned drawings are the wrong revisions*. ReviCheck seamlessly removes the frustrations – and expense – of working with outdated project information.

*Information taken from live projects on the ReviCheck platform.


Simply use your ReviCheck app to scan the drawing’s QR code and confirm you’re working from the latest revision.

Site Managers

ReviCheck’s early warning system will alert you to critical design changes and help you control project costs.


ReviCheck provides an all- important link between workers behind the computer and those out in the field, with trackable user activity.

Return on Investment Calculator

Try our ROI calculator to see why ReviCheck is a great investment for any sized project.

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Sign up for a free ReviCheck trial and revolutionise your project workflows – starting today.

Turn Drawings into Cash

Get Paid for Every QR-Enhanced Drawing with ReviCheck’s Affiliate Program.

Who uses ReviCheck?

Below are some examples of companies who use ReviCheck to eradicate wastage, delays, and overspending from their construction projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ReviCheck integrate with AutoCAD?

We are excited to announce that an AutoCAD version of ReviCheck is currently in development. Soon, AutoCAD users will also have access to this ground-breaking system, ensuring the latest revisions and reducing rework hassles within their AutoCAD workflows.

How much does ReviCheck cost?

Our pricing is both simple and affordable, based on a credit system where one credit = one project drawing. You can then purchase additional credits on a ‘pay as you need’ basis. All new accounts come with 10 free starter credits.

What specifications do I need to use ReviCheck?

ReviCheck supports Revit 2019 to 2024. The mobile app supports Google and Apple mobile devices.

How can I get support?

Support is available by emailing You can also sign up to our newsletter for the latest ReviCheck updates and guides.

Ready for ReviCheck?

Sign up for a free ReviCheck trial and revolutionise your project workflows – starting today.

Claim your exclusive startup account with 100 extra free drawning credits

Normal value: $200

* Offer only available to one account per company