Case Study – DCT

Owen McSweeney, BIM Coordinator from DCT.

DCT is a global virtual design and construction specialists who provide architectural, engineering and building services to its clients. They began using ReviCheck in January 2022.  

The challenges

On-site installation teams were not checking if they had the latest layouts prior to installation. This resulted in clashes, reworks and additional costs.

In the past, site managers physically removed drawings from the site; some would even spot check installers to ensure they had no old drawings. They also tried using physical stamps to stamp outdated hard copy drawings.

The Solution

ReviCheck was implemented on a medium-sized education project where DCT was responsible for coordinating the mechanical and electrical services. This successful trial project led to the client implementing ReviCheck company-wide.

DCT found ReviCheck very easy and intuitive to use. The application automates the potentially tedious actions within the process. Even for hundreds of drawings, checking and updating the QR codes only took minutes. One of the most useful features is the ability to automatically place QR codes.

Positive impact on business operations

ReviCheck has positively impacted business operations at DCT by saving costs and preventing arguments between parties. 

A specific example was a recent project where the builder scanned the QR code and discovered new revisions of structural wall opening drawings were available. This alerted them to ring the office and they held off work until the new layout was issued. This saved time, costs and not to mention coring out of openings.

Key factors for successful implementation

For ReviCheck to provide the most value, ensure that the site team is scanning the QR codes before installation. It’s imperative to get site team engagement and cooperation.


ReviCheck has proven to be a highly effective solution for DCT. The key factor for success is to ensure that the site team scans the QR codes before installation. DCT highly recommends ReviCheck to Revit users in the industry.